Ah, Comic Con. Thousands of nerds, gathered together in something resembling harmony to dress up like their favorite superheroes, bicker over the prices of collectibles and stand in long lines to watch exclusive movie footage and ask terrible questions of sexy movie stars who obviously wish they were somewhere else.

Yeah. It sounds like a blast, actually. At least they're throwing us stay-at-homers a bone with the pretty incredible concept art for Captain America and Thor seen above. Granted, great concept art does not equal great dramatic execution, but what's the point of looking a gift promotional campaign in the mouth? This is our first "official" look at Captain America's costume design and our first look at Thor that doesn't involve actors standing around in overlit publicity stills. What do I love about this art? With Captain America, I love the stripped down, practical costume and the bleak, Saving Private Ryan-esque feeling of the WWII setting. With Thor, I love the implication that we'll be getting something truly epic, something dynamic that will shut up the "The Armor Looks Like Plastic!" folks once and for all.

But I've been wrong before. Never put stock in me. You will only get hurt.

If you really want to soak in the details of the art, take a look at the massive versions here and here.

But that's not all! Speaking of actors standing around in overlit publicity stills, here are Chris Hemsworth (as Thor) and Anthony Hopkins (as Odin) standing around in an overlit publicity still!

Oh yes. Absorb that magic. Especially with the big version.

But that's not all! USA Today has one for the ladies...and the obsessive compulsive backseat-driving geeks who claimed Hemsworth wasn't buff enough to embody the Norse god of thunder.

Mr. Hemsworth spits on your puny nerd arms.

More Thor and Captain America news is inevitable in the next couple days, so ignore your family and friends, stay glued to your interwebs and be prepared for details to emerge from Comic Con in a few days.
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