If you're not familiar with up and coming filmmaker Joe Lynch, you really should be. Lynch broke on to the scene back in 2007 when he directed a direct-to-video Wrong Turn sequel for Fox. His effort, entitled Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, featured Henry Rollins, a wilderness survival reality show plot and enough blood to satisfy most any gore-hound. It was also a pretty good film, much better than you might have expected for a sequel for which almost no one was asking. It played Fantastic Fest 3 here in Austin before it's DVD release, and you'll notice that Lynch is sporting a Fest shirt in the picture to your right. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth giving it a shot. It's a fun ride with plenty of cool kills to keep the pace chugging right along.

You might have actually seen Lynch and not known it. Through his friendship with director Adam Green, he's appeared in both the Halloween short The Tiffany Problem as well as Green's atmospheric horror film, Frozen. In addition, he works at G4 and does a horror-based segment for them called Body Count. You can also find him on Twitter where he engages with friends and fans alike.
That said, Lynch is hard at work on a new feature film, The Knights of Badassdom. The film focuses on a group of LARPers who take to the woods for an epic medieval battle. Of course, things go very very wrong as the role playing starts to get a little to real. Starring Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn and Summer Glau, the film is in the middle of principal photography. Lynch has taken to updating his blogs with behind-the-scenes pictures and tidbits. Head on over to Lynch's blog and check out all the info and be ready for the imminent arrival of The Knights of Badassdom.
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