Take a little bit of hot phone action from Valentine's Day. Mix in some Confessions of a Shopaholic, special traveling clothes, nannies, and politics. And just when the project begins to boil, pour it into a shoe-loving world a la Sex and the City for more materialistic big-screen shenanigans. Yes folks, it's time for a new comedy that will make use of all the feminine cliches you know and love -- Shoe Addicts Anonymous. An adaptation of Beth Harbison's novel, which first got optioned back in late 2008, the addicts have found their star in one Ms. Halle Berry.
Deadline reports that Berry will lead the new comedy, which will focus on four women who bond over their addiction to shoes. The women -- all of whom wear a 7 1/2 -- form a support group and become (terrible pun warning) "sole sisters." In her first comedic role since Bulworth, the actress will play an agoraphobe who uses the internet to feed her shoe addiction. One might wonder how a woman who never leaves her home can afford such consumer weaknesses. If the script remains true to the book, she will be a phone sex operator, while her friends are the trophy wife of a senator, a shopaholic drowning in debt, and a nanny. However, the festivities have already been moved from DC to Chicago, and Berry isn't likely to gain weight to play the "overweight phone sex operator," so I'd say all bets are off.

It's sad to see Berry pick a gig so likely to continue her downward spiral. It feels like another lifetime ago when Berry won an Oscar for her role in Monster's Ball. It seemed like the upcoming Frankie and Alice could wipe away our memories of Catwoman and Storm, but now she goes and dives into Cliche World.

Brit director Paul Weiland (Made of Honor) will direct, and the production is close to casting the other starring roles.
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