Horror mavens FEARnet premiered an exclusive image of the new Buffy soda, made by Jones. They alerted us to a Jones truck that will be making the rounds in downtown San Diego during Comic-Con, offering soda with Buffy the Vampire Slayer-themed labels on them. Neat! There are six different soda flavors -- including the Willow soda, which is green apple and marketed appropriately as a witch's brew. In case you're an unlucky jerk like me and didn't make it to the Con this year, Jones is selling all six Buffy-tastic flavors on their website. I'm somewhat terrified of horror-themed foods and drinks that aren't made by moi, so let me know if you survive the taste test.

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I discovered one crafty creep's embroidered pillow, which illustrates a scene from a much loved Buffy episode -- Season Four's Hush. In the ep, Giles uses an overhead projector with handmade drawings to explain who the "Gentlemen" are, why the Scooby gang's voices are missing, and what they can do to stop them. Apparently, FiberAlchemist created the pillow for her partner as part of a crafty Whedonverse Swap. Sounds like I need to take up crochet again. Check out all of the images over here.

Newsflash: David Boreanaz can't keep it in his pants. And according to a recent court document, he literally can't keep it in his pants. The actor who has been caught in two extramarital affairs has now been sued for sexual harassment by actress Kristina Hagan. She worked as an extra on the TV show Bones, and claims there have been several encounters -- including an incident where Boreanaz pulled out his junk. We're not a gossip news site, but I hate even numbers and I'm team Spike.
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