Twitpic of the day? It's got to go to @JHoffman6' snap of a guy cosplaying as Tron Guy. Love it!

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Sci-fi, Fantasy & Superheroes. Skyline's panel isn't actually until Friday, but Drew McWeeny has begun teasing the previously under-the-radar flick about strange lights that descend over LA and cause all kinds of end-of-the-world craziness. Speaking of things coming out of the sky, MGM's new "digital series" 10,000 Days (no relation to the Tool album) now has a trailer. Fans of The Green Hornet should check out Superhero Hype's batch of stills from Britt Reid's garage.
Horror. I have a feeling that Matt Reeves' Let Me In is poised to make quite the impression at the con, starting with the unveiling of a new poster for it. It's not a feature film, but the Frank Darabont-led TV adaptation of The Walking Dead has a great poster from famed feature artisan Drew Struzan. During the con, AICN headgeek Harry Knowles went live with the news that he is going to be taking over as Editor-in-Chief of Robert Rodriguez has confirmed that Predators 2 is in the works. It's been lingering unreleased for a while, which isn't a great sign, but I do quite like this new poster for the Night of the Demons remake.

Con Tangents. Threadless has launched a "Comics-On Tees" collection to tie-in with the con. The Westboro Baptist Church's protests outside the convention center didn't turn out too well for them. Aaron Eckhart tells FSR that he and director Neil Labute have, surprisingly, talked about a sequel to In the Company of Men.

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