Over three years ago, during the times of Shine a Light, there was news that Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger were teaming up for a rock 'n' roll epic. We're not talking about some small-scale story with a guitar and old records off the shelf, but rather a little project called The Long Play, which would follow the careers of two friends over 40 years, moving from the early days of R&B to modern hip-hop.

Disparities aside -- R&B and hip-hop are certainly not rock off-shoots -- the film never managed to get off the ground, falling into the land of forgotten projects. Now however, after years of silence, the project is once again rocking forth ... but this time the festivities are not planned for the big screen.
Deadline reports that Martin Scorsese and scribe Terence Winter are coming together to make the long-gestating film into a new pilot show for HBO. The project -- which is still seemingly rock-free -- is now titled History of Music, Winter is writing a script, and Scorsese will then be able to decide if he wants to kick off directorial duties. It seems that the whole idea came from Jagger, and should the current dealmaking go well, he and the rest of the players will be executive producers.

I've got to assume that this music duo get into a lot more than just R&B and hip-hop, and an HBO show is certainly a better home for an idea that follows a business over a 40-year span. Then again, it was nice to have an upcoming, fiction-based music film to look forward to. One that would -- presumably -- intermingle Scorsese's fictional work with his music documentary eye. But small-screen it is.

Between History of Music and Boardwalk Empire, do you like Scorsese's increasing small-screen interests? Are you itching to watch the History of Music unfold?
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