Who can blame the Comic-Con masses for not showing up first thing Friday morning for a movie called Drive Angry 3D? The cavernous Hall H was suspiciously easy to get into, even with fan fave Nicolas Cage slated to appear -- but those in attendance were treated to a bloody good trailer (Cage channeling '70s grind house road rage!) for what looks to be Cage's next truly balls-out, slightly-maybe insane cult character.

If Summit was disappointed at all about the half-capacity turnout, at least they can take comfort in the fact that now, the fans on hand who DID catch the 2011 action pic panel will remember it come February. What was so memorable about the Drive Angry 3D panel? Hit the quick list below for highlights.
IT'S AN HOMAGE TO '70s EXPLOITATION FLICKS: Director Patrick Lussier (who created similar genre 3D thrills in My Bloody Valentine 3D) wanted to make an action flick that paid homage to the awesome car movies of the '70s. Influences include Vanishing Point, Duel, Race with the Devil, and Bullitt. Also: the 1973 Eastwood Western High Plains Drifter.

LUSSIER DIDN'T WANT TO USE ANY CG EFFECTS: Aside from filming Drive Angry in actual 3D, Lussier kept things old school and lo-fi, smashing real cars, damaging a bridge in Lousiana, and making stunt ladies (and actress Amber Heard) mount the hood of a '69 Charger while Nic Cage drove it at speeds up to 90 mph.

NIC CAGE PLAYS A CRAZY HYPER CHICK MAGNET WHO LIKES TO DRIVE FAST CARS: On his character, Milton, whose daughter gets her baby stolen and her throat slashed by Twilight daddy Billy Burke: "He's not on drugs but he does enjoy a bit of sugar. He's got a touch of the kevorka to him."

FAST CARS WILL BLOW UP, FACES WILL BE SMASHED, AND NIC CAGE WILL BE BAD-ASS: He drives a muscle car. He's out for vengeance. He saves Amber Heard from a trailer park existence and she and her daisy dukes subsequently join him on the road. Also seen in the Comic-Con trailer: Girl fights, slo-mo bullets to the brain, 3D impaling, cars jumping through fire, Cage shooting bad guys with a 6-barrel gun called "The Godkiller," William Fichtner as a character called The Accountant, and Cage driving a Dodge Charger with a bumper sticker that reads, "I brake 4 pussy." Wow.


"Where is she?" "First full moon she's dead and all Hell's gonna walk the Earth."

"That baby girl's all I got."

"What kind of gun IS that??"

"I am going to kill you and then I'm going to defile your corpse."

Drive Angry 3D is released February 11, 2011.