The winner of last week's Trailer Park poll is unsurprisingly the really terrific first full spot for The Social Network, which was also my favorite trailer of that week. Ben Affleck's The Town was the closest competition, with readers agreeing it looks "awesome."

Another trailer for another Ben Affleck movie debuted this week, but even though it also looks pretty great I didn't include it in this roundup because I've decided to focus solely on the teasers and trailers coming out of Comic-Con. Or many of them, anyway (there seem to be a ton). That means I've also left out new spots for Woody Allen's latest, John Madden's latest and one for my favorite documentary of the year, Last Train Home. Perhaps I'll be able to revisit these next week.

You won't find any bootlegged footage or clips from panels, so no Green Lantern. Instead I chart some exciting and ridiculous new ads featuring Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage, Jeff Bridges x 2, a nude Eva Mendes and (unfortunately?) a surprise appearance from Rebecca Pidgeon. If you don't know who she is, you've never a David Mamet film.

Check out this week's trailer round-up chart and vote in the poll after the jump.
1. Machete (Red Band) - Want to see Danny Trejo use a guy's intestines as a rope? Want to see Jessica Alba stab a guy in the eye? This might be the bloodiest movie Robert De Niro's ever been in, and that's saying a lot. Also, how often do you get to see a movie star naked in the trailer? Eva Mendes is a movie star, right? [YouTube]

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Teaser) - So sue me, I still love Captain Jack Sparrow and will follow him wherever he takes us, whether to the Fountain of Youth or for a round of bloody marys. I especially hope he's telling the truth about the latter. [Trailer Addict]

3. Red (Trailer #2) - Looks a lot more cartoony this time around, and who let Rebecca Pidgeon in a movie not directed by her husband? But how can you say no to that cast? I mean aside from Pidgeon? [iTunes Movie Trailers]

4. Tron Legacy (Trailer #2) - I love the simplicity of the original Tron so this sequel still looks way too busy, and too filtered through followers of the first movie, like The Matrix. Yet I'd be a fool to dismiss Tron Legacy for these reasons, and any movie with just one Jeff Bridges is immediately worth seeing. This one has two. I abide. [Yahoo! Movies]

5. Megamind (Trailer #3) - I think this has a big spoiler in it, even if this certain plot point does occur near the beginning of the film. I shouldn't be surprised, though, given which actor it involves. Besides, this is probably the funniest ad for the movie yet. [Yahoo! Movies]

6. Let Me In (Trailer #2) - "Why does everything have to be vampire?" - My girlfriend. "Why does yet another trailer have to show the whole damn film? " - Me. [YouTube]

7. The Goon (Teaser) - After our showcasing of an even shorter tease of the teaser the other night, here's the whole thing. Even with Paul Giamatti's voice (which I admit I thought was Don Rickles for a second) and David Fincher's name attached as a producer, this CG animated feature based on Eric Powell's comic series should only be popular with fans of the source material. Adaptations of little-known comic books like this do better when given the live-action treatment. [MTV]

8. Priest - Poor Paul Bettany. I predict another box office failure for the actor, who's much better than this. Honestly, I think it looks pretty cool except for those CG vampire things. Plus, I love that homage to the Lost finale at the end. [Trailer Addict]

9. Drive Angry 3D (Teaser) - I don't know if Nic Cage elevates my interest in this revenge movie or turns me off. It's actually a weird combination that I trust will end with both sides canceling each other out. It certainly doesn't help that director Patrick Lussier made one of the worst 3D movies of this current wave (My Bloody Valentine 3D). [Trailer Addict]

10. Saw 3D (Teaser) - I'd probably have put this at the bottom no matter what, out of bias against the series -- all I need is to hear them mention "suffering" and I'm turned off -- but this teaser actually makes the allegedly final Saw movie look like a bad Final Destination knockoff. [IGN]

Bonus. Monsters (Teaser) - This low-budget Mexican-set brethren of Cloverfield and Signs isn't actually being represented at SDCC, though I don't know why. Since it fits in with the genres of the Con, I'm including it as a bonus. The debut of effects artist Gareth Edwards looks pretty amazing, especially with that quote from our own Joe Utichi in there telling us that it's "jaw dropping." [IGN]