There's plenty of action on DVD this week, both from the past and the future. 'Clash of the Titans,' a remake of the 1981 cult-camp-classic, zooms home with swords, monsters, gods, demons and a lot of beards. The action-adventure was lauded for being good, old-fashioned B-movie entertainment, but panned for a weak script and paycheck acting. Fast forward to the future of 'Repo Men,' where getting behind on your bills could mean your life. This sci-fi actioner gets marks for special effects but depends too much on gore and dumb buddy banter. Read on. a href="">'Clash of the Titans'
What It's About: Remake of the 1981 adventure film about the myth of Perseus, who has to battle the evil Medusa and a host of monsters to win the right to marry his love. Born of a god but raised as a man, Perseus (Sam Worthington) is helpless to save his family from Hades (Ralph Fiennes), vengeful god of the underworld. With nothing left to lose, Perseus volunteers to lead a dangerous mission to defeat Hades before he can seize power from Zeus (Liam Neeson) and unleash hell on earth.

It's Kinda Like: 'The 7th Voyage of Sinbad' meets '300'

What the Critics Say:
The critics were decidedly mixed, with A.O. Scott of 'At the Movies' summing up the pro camp by saying "It's a little campy, a little creepy, a little too long and sometimes a bit of a mess. But it all adds up to a welcome dose of old-fashioned b-movie entertainment." Dan Kois of the Washington Post chastised the film, saying it was "The latest example of Hollywood's belief that any terrible script can be made palatable if you just throw enough money and British accents at it." Roger Ebert agreed with Peter Travers of Rolling Stone, who said "The film is a sham, with good actors going for the paycheck and using beards and heavy makeup to hide their shame," but Ebert added that "I like the energy, the imagination, the silliness."
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'Repo Men'
What It's About: In a futuristic world where people can buy expensive mechanical organs to solve health problems, repossession has come to take on a new meaning: If you don't pay your bill, Repo Men will show up to take back your insides. Jude Law plays a Repo Man who's forced to get a mechanical heart but in turn loses his taste for his job, causing him to default on his loan and go on the run from his fellow Repo Men, headed up by ex-partner Forest Whitaker.

It's Kinda Like: 'Brazil' meets 'Midnight Run'

What We Say: What starts out as an interesting take on the big corporation vs. little man theme (the staple of much great science fiction) very quickly degenerates into a dumb buddy film as Law and Whitaker play out a 'Lethal Weapon'-type duo for the 21st century -- with superior weapons. Even the take on human morality -- Law is pretty heartless until he gets a mechanical heart, which makes him all the more human (see 'Blade Runner') gets spoiled by the emphasis on slam-bang gore and a twist ending. Rotten Tomatoes Reviews | Buy DVD | Save DVD to your Netflix queue

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