Big news from Deadline: both Justin Timberlake and Elton John's reps are denying that they may be the ones to replace Simon Cowell as a judge on American Idol. Okay, that may be the big news in the article for Deadline, but ComingSoon caught a little something in it that could be big for an upcoming film. The article claims Timberlake's rep said there's no way the whole American Idol thing could be true because Timberlake is way too busy with his film career. He's got The Social Network, Bad Teacher, Friend with Benefits and now he's been offered the lead in I'm.mortal.

Just the other week we found out Amanda Seyfried secured the prime female role, a girl living in a future world in which aging stops at 25. Time has taken the place of cash, so the rich are immortal while the rest just need to do whatever it takes to survive. Timberlake's role would be that of a ghetto-dweller who's wrongly accused of killing a rich man for his time. He goes on the run from the "time keepers" and opts to take a hostage with him, Seyfried's character.

Minus the unnecessary punctuation mark in the middle of the film's title, I'm loving everything about this project. There's something very Gattaca-esque about the concept and considering Andrew Niccol is responsible for the I'm.mortal script and will be the man behind the lens, we should be in good shape. As for the stars, Seyfried has run into her fair share of poor material, namely Letters to Juliet and Dear John, but it's likely this one will be on the darker side and Chloe and Jennifer's Body certainly prove she can handle that.
Most don't really look at Timberlake and think he's a serious actor, but The Social Network seems to have the power to change all of that. He was also pretty good in 2006's Alpha Dog. As for The Love Guru, let's just pretend that never happened. Assuming Timberlake accepts the offer, I'd like to still have high hopes for I'm.mortal.
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