Sucker Punch
is not your average "patients team up to escape from a mental institution" movie. After all, most of them aren't directly inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Also, not too many of them feature stunning and scantily clad ladies battling gigantic, gatling gun wielding Samurai warriors and World War I biplanes taking on a fire breathing dragon.

Yep. Sucker Punch is that kind of movie. After making a splash at Comic Con, Zack Snyder's follow-up to Watchmen has a trailer for your viewing pleasure.

I can imagine this being a divisive trailer. On one hand, we're going to get a lot of 13 year old boys who see this footage and realize that someone has just recreated every schoolyard fantasy and inexplicable wetdream they've ever experienced. However, surely most sensible adults will watch this trailer, cover their ears, have a seizure from all of the quick cuts and bitterly complain to the paramedics that movie-films aren't what they used to be and that kids need to stay off their lawn. I find myself somewhere in the middle. What we're seeing in this trailer looks stunning, truly unique stuff from a filmmaker who has thrice proven that he can make a pretty movie. The amount of imagination on display is almost overwhelming, so much so that I've watched the trailer about four times and I'm still picking out details that I missed on the first few views.

But the responsible adult in me isn't convinced. I like all of Snyder's movies to some extent, but Sucker Punch seems immediately handicapped. Take a look at the plot. We follow a girl in an asylum as she imagines her escape, which takes place in a fantastical WWI filled with monsters and zombies and robots and musical numbers and lots and lots of cleavage. Sure, the imagination thing allows Snyder to pull anything he wants out of his bag 'o tricks, but doesn't it also leave every situation completely weightless? What are the stakes behind this madness?

Bah, I'm going to let the kid in me win this day. The Sucker Punch trailer is a glorious, madcap music video with mind-blowing imagery. The movie's going to need to be a lot more, but we'll have to wait until March 25, 2011 to see what Snyder really has in store for us.
Sucker Punch
PG-13 2011
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Locked away, a girl (Emily Browning) finds freedom from her dark reality in a fantasy world. Read More

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