Talk about a cliché romantic comedy promo. The trailer for Stephen Frears' Tamara Drewe has been caught floating around the Internet and it's got every ingredient necessary for making a standard film about a gorgeous girl reluctantly spending time in a small town.

Based on Posy Simmonds' graphic novel, Tamara Drewe features Gemma Arterton as the titular character. It's hard to imagine, but in her younger years, Tamara was an ugly duckling, but now she's a drop dead gorgeous and successful newspaper columnist who's forced to return to her family's rural home for a bit. Her big arrival attracts a ton of attention from the townsfolk as well as Tamara's old flame, Andy (Luke Evans). The problem is, she's got a rock star boyfriend back in the big city (Dominic Cooper). Hello love triangle.
Perhaps there's something buried within the graphic novel that makes this story something special, but having not read it,Tamara Drewe just seems like any old love story with a comedic twist. But to my surprise, the film is getting some great reviews one of which comes from our own Joe Utichi who caught the film at Cannes. He calls it a "rather light-hearted and lyrical pastoral romp, with all the charm of Britain's small village culture and a cast of characters both eclectic and energetic." Wow, I guess you can't always judge a film by its trailer.

This is actually the UK trailer, but Tamara Drewe is set for a US release on October 8th. Will you trust the critics or is this formulaic trailer a killer? Take a look for yourself.