The world was Zac Efron's cinematic oyster when he left the Footloose remake to avoid the woes of typecasting. He'd co-starred in the lovely and quickly forgotten Me and Orson Welles, and it looked like he might just be serious about adding versatility to his plate. Old Troy had graduated, and Efron teamed up with Burr Steers for two back-to-back films -- time-traveling comedy with 17 Again and a little ten-hanky romance with Charlie St. Cloud. But methinks he likes the melodrama, because the ex-High School Musicalstar has found the one man who can definitely up the tears and smooches -- Nicholas Sparks.
Variety reports that Zac Efron is negotiating with Warner Brothers to star in Nicholas Sparks' latest adaptation, The Lucky One. Originally picked up in 2008, the story centers on a marine named Logan who survives three tours in Iraq and believes that he was kept safe by a photo he carried of a woman he's never met. When he returns to North Carolina, he sets out to meet her, but gets sidetracked when he starts lusting for a divorced mom. Will Fetters, the Remember Me scribe, wrote the adaptation, and Scott Hicks (Shine) signed on to direct earlier this year.

One more drama like this and Zac Efron won't have to worry about being the musical poster boy any longer. He'll just be the angsty dude who romances the ladies. But first he has to make us all buy the fact that his cherubic face lasted three tours in Iraq.
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