Once you've seen a lot of movies, comparisons are inevitable. Each new picture, no matter how fresh it is, will have a glimmer of something in the past. Sometimes the mix of older themes seems nothing more than carbon copy caricatures. But sometimes they just intermingle in a way that makes sense and fuels anticipation.

For example: Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you mixed some Outbreak with Antichrist, Gilligan's Island, Dead Calm, and maybe a little 28 Days Later? Probably not. But there's a new movie on the way that is bringing these flicks together with one of our favorite creepy dudes: Cillian Murphy.
Deadline reports that Murphy and Thandie Newton have signed on for a new British thriller called The Retreat. Written and directed by Carl Tibbets (previously an editor on films like Alien Vs Predator), the story focuses on a couple played by Murphy and Newton who head off to a remote island cottage to try and mend their ailing marriage. One day, a soldier swathed in a biohazard suit washes up on shore and tells them that the mainlanders have been wiped out by an airborne virus. "That's when the psychological fun-and-games begin..." Does he have the virus too? Is there even a virus? I'm not sure, but it's been a long time since such a simple premise has made me this curious.

Producer Gary Sinyor is describing the project as a landlocked "Knife in the Water meets Dead Calm." And while Tibbets might be new to the world of writing and directing, Sony Pictures has already nabbed the UK rights -- the same studio that nabbed the excellent Moon. Production begins in Wales this September.
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