Get ready folks! We know that Bill Condon will direct The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. We know that the film will be split up into two films with production beginning this fall. Naturally, time is ticking and that means the wave of Breaking Dawn casting rumors is about to soar as we step closer and closer to production. In the past -- save for the Quileute wolves -- there weren't too many extra roles to cast, but that's all about to change. We've got human housekeepers, imprinted girlfriends (assuming we see them), the rest of the Volturi army, flashback sequence actors, and many, many new vampires to cast.

Leading the pack and rumor mill: Pushing Daisies and The Fall star Lee Pace.
According to E! Online sources, Lee Pace is wanted for the role of Garrett, one of the vampiric nomads. E! says he's a friend of Edward's, though Stephenie Meyer's tome calls him a nomad friend of Carlisle's. Regardless, he's an adventurous nomad -- a "tall, rangy vampire with eager ruby eyes and long sandy hair he kept tied back with a leather thong." He quickly falls in with the group of collected vampires, open to the ideas of vampiric vegetarianism, and intrigued by the sexy Denali sisters. He's also a Revolutionary War vamp prone to fiery speeches, who is critical of sycophants. This is one rumor I hope to be true, because if there's one thing Pace does well -- it's intermingling drama and humor. No comments were given by Pace's camp, and Summit is quick to point out that Garrett has yet to be cast.

What do you think of this latest casting rumor, Twi-hards? Is Pace right for Revolutionary Garrett? And if so, who should play Kate?
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