And I thought the Lost storyline was confusing. Deadline is reporting that the show's writer and executive producer and the guy working with Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci on the Star Trek sequel, David Lindelof, is just about to seal the deal with Fox to help do some rewrite work on the Alien prequel. But, like Lost, it isn't as simple as that.

"Studio insiders" say Lindelof met with director Ridley Scott and the two did some brainstorming, which resulted in something that could have nothing to do with the Alien prequel. The idea may warrant its own film. The final decision will be made on that matter when Lindelof submits his works.

Okay, it's pretty straightforward that Fox hired Lindelof to do some rewrites and when chatting with Scott, they came up with a great idea for an entirely different sci-fi film, but if that is the case, does that mean there's no more Alien prequel? Or will Lindelof just submit this other idea as an entirely different film and then go back to his Alien work? Or maybe Scott will just stick with Jon Spaihts' original script.

Assuming this process is kept simple, Lindelof just does the rewrites and this whole freestanding project disappears, the thought of combining Lindelof with an already established concept makes me a little uncomfortable. Lost literally lost me and I bailed on the show when it hit the double timeline thing in season five. Alien and Aliens are iconic films; I'm just concerned Lindelof could get so carried away, it might leave fans questioning elements of the originals. It's one thing to make a new film that's weak, but just don't ruin the classics in the process.
This has me hoping the original idea will be the way Lindelof goes with this one. Regardless of how I feel about Lost in its most confusing days, the story is fantastic and, should Lindelof get the chance to develop something of his own for the big screen, we could end up with a fresh and promising film. Plus, who even knows when this Alien prequel will actually happen. Deadline points out that Gucci, The Passage and The Wolf of Wall Street are all on Scott's to-do list and all have a shot at being his next project.
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