You might be aware that Moviefone does a little thing called "Unscripted." Though we're no longer involved with the question-asking, the series has gone on, gathering stars from upcoming Hollywood releases to answer questions from fans and each other. The stars, ranging from Seth Rogen to Ellen Page, just sit down and chat. Sometimes they're fun, sometimes they're earnest, and in the most recent case, it's unbelievably funny.

You might have noticed that there's this little comedy coming up called Dinner for Schmucks. Since it's getting released in two days, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell hit the Unscripted stage for a little buzz-creating chat that is the perfect way to laugh through this Hump Day.
Though I'm a bit biased, being a huge fan of Paul Rudd and all, I dare you to get through this 10-minute chat and not -- at the very least -- smile. Carrell and Rudd had me choking with laughter from beginning to end. Sometimes it was something as simple as water-sipping woes, but most of the laughs come from some excellent questions that led Rudd to recreate a scene from the film in French, do a thespian-themed cheer, and offer up the "maudlin face dance" since, as I've shared, Rudd's one hell of a dancer.

The only problem with the clip is the possibility that it could be funnier than the movie. Then again, the movie let this chat be possible, and has filled me with dreams of Rudd and Kevin Kline coming together for a buddy French romance, which makes up for any potential cinematic flaws.

Check out the clip below. Were you able to keep a straight face?

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