Heat Vision Blog recently spread the word that, according to Smallville producers, Darkseid will be the main bad guy in the show's final season. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Tom Welling will be directing an episode and sure, sure, sure, so will Justin Hartley but, c'mon, who cares about that stuff when we know that Darkseid is going to be in Smallville? How weird, unusual and exciting is that, huh?!

Many of you reading this might ask: "What's a Darkseid and how does it affect the Superman movie series?!" Well, I'll tell you! About the former. I don't know how it'll affect the latter. I'm hoping that David Goyer and Christopher Nolan's Superman idea is "edgy' and "dark." Not because I think it'd be good but because there's a good chance that Darkseid might show up in it. This guy is one bad mofo. Anyway! Here's a handy tip sheet telling you all about Darkseid. After the jump.
  • Darkseid is one of two elder gods. He's the evil twin to Highfather, who rules over New Genesis. Darkseid rules over Apokalips, a planet run by slaves and Parademons.
  • Darkseid's @$$-ugly son, Orion, was raised on New Genesis. D
  • Darkseid can shoot lasers out of his eyes called Omega Beams. These beams can basically do whatever writers want them to do. Back when the Superman: The Animated Series cartoon was just hitting its stride, the Omega Beams were able to incinerate everything in their path. Recently, in the impressive but kind of pointless and very confusing Final Crisis, the Omega Beams killed Batman. But not really. He's still alive. Just traveling back through time as a living bomb that will detonate when it reaches the 21st century. Cool or confusing? Why not both?!
  • Darkseid was created by writer/artist/holy fool Jack Kirby as part of a series called The Fourth World, whose characters infrequently pop up in Superman titles. Because Superman is as close as the DCU comes to a god and Darkseid is one of the "New Gods." What's the difference between a "New God" and an old one? Omega Beams, clearly.
  • Did we mention that there are Parademons on Apokalips? Because that's just how Darkseid rolls.
  • "New Gods" travel around via sentient teleportation devices called "Mother Boxes" that open up "Boom Tubes" between locations. Beats commuting, I'm sure.

With a lidda bit of luck, some of Kirby's original mythology will make its way into the TV show. I can't imagine finding a budget for something like Apokalips would be easy. But hey! Live-action Darkseid! Neat, right? Would you want Darkseid as the villain in the Superman movie, or are there a lot of other villains you'd rather see first?
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