After the production woes of a little doomed project called Nailed, David O. Russell jumped right out of the comedy circuit and into the dramatic ring with The Fighter. A sports drama detailing the early years of boxer Micky Ward, the project is 100% free of existential detectives, sex injuries, and Gulf War robbery. Putting aside the laughs and quirk must be an experience the director liked, because now O. Russell is gearing up for another dramatic project.

This time, he's grabbing one Vince Vaughn and going back to familial storylines for a new film called Old St. Louis.
Deadline reports that after "weeks of talks," Vaughn and Russell are close to an agreement to team up for Old St. Louis, a new script written by the director himself. Set up at Universal, the film details "the story of a traveling salesman who has been an absentee father, and how his life changes when his daughter becomes part of his life." Naturally, Vaughn would play the father, while a number of actresses are being considered for his young offspring -- including the increasingly popular Chloe Moretz. The plan is to make this the follow-up to The Fighter -- a decision that makes any rumors about the director tackling zombies sound unlikely.

While the choice might seem just as strange as The Fighter when you consider I Heart Huckabees and Three Kings, Russell got his start with familial storylines in Spanking the Monkey and Flirting with Disaster. However, it seems like unfortunate timing, with Sofia Coppola's Somewhere about to come out. It details the exact same theme, but with a Hollywood star rather than a salesman. Hopefully time, and a different scope, will set them apart.

What do you think about these funny men tackling something more earnest together? Weigh in below.
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