When it comes to cinematic work, Paul Giamatti is, essentially, the funny man. Though he's participated in dramatic highs (Cinderella Man) and lows (The Lady in the Water), most of his headlining work has a healthy dose of humor, whether he's ranting about merlot, or creating some American Splendor. But then John Adams came to the small screen and we learned about the heaps of dramatic potential left untapped.

Unfortunately, it didn't lead him to any big-screen headlining drama ... but it has led him to another notable historic figure on the small screen: Nikita Khrushchev.
In a particularly apt bit of casting, Variety reports that Giamatti will play the Soviet president in a new HBO telepic called K Blows Top. Just like John Adams, this production is being produced by Tom Hanks' Playtone. Paul Bernbaum is slated to pen the script.

Unlike Adams, this feature won't span many years. Instead, it will focus on Krushchev's visit to the US in 1959, when the countries were flowing with Cold War tension. President Eisenhower thought a visit would be a great way to settle the disagreement over West Berlin, so he sent along an invitation. The Soviet leader arrived with his family, saw local sights and US customs, and had a famous fit when plans to visit Disneyland were canceled over security concerns. It was a trip that eased tensions between the two super powers, which were dashed with the U2 spying crisis the following year.

I'm stoked that Giamatti gets to play another meaty role (and highly intrigued at who will take on Ike's shoes), but I'm a bit disappointed that these roles only come on the small screen. Maybe after Giamatti hits this one out of the park, he'll get some awesome leading dramatic gigs. In the meantime, any thoughts on who should play Eisenhower?
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