In Arthur he gets to play Batman for a spell, complete with those ire-inspiring nipples, rippling muscles, and a pimped out Batmobile. But now Russell Brand is looking for a different type of action -- a role where the thrills are front and center. He wants a story replete with history, action, and adventure. He yearns to play a mercenary of the early renaissance -- a sword that served the Pope.

Forget Sarah Marshall, weird music videos, and dashes for the Greek. Prepare yourselves, because Brand is going to play a fourteenth century hero -- Sir John Hawkwood.
According to Deadline, Brand has kicked off a new feature called Hawkwood for 20th Century Fox. The actor heard about the real-life swashbuckler and told Chernin Entertainment about the cinematic possibilities. After conducting some research into the historic figure, their interest was piqued and they tapped Jared Stern to pen a script. Now Brand is set to star in the action comedy and produce, while Get Smart helmer Pete Segal is circling the directorial chair.

This might seem like a bit of a jump for the dude who plays ne'er do well musicians and slacker types, but we must remember, he's also got his upcoming role as Trinculo in Julie Taymor's The Tempest on the way. It's not exactly the same as being a sword-swinging swashbuckler, but it does suggest that Brand can handle a mixture of history and comedy. I just hope that it's easy on the comedy and doesn't just sink in ridiculous Year One-type, super-flat comedy and adventure.
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