It's about time the Thor: The Mighty Avenger trailer from Comic-Con showed up online. Sure we still have nearly a year before the Kenneth Branagh-directed comic book adaptation hits theaters, but we require many months before a blockbuster of this magnitude in which to, in order, be wary, get excited, begin the backlash, start a backlash to the backlash, etc. And I think following the initial negativity in response to some images from the movie released prior to the Con, the crowd in San Diego has built the buzz back up with more optimism. As Jen reported from Hall H last weekend, the footage debuted was "rollicking" and had the crowd "ZOMGing." Now those of us not in attendance can see for ourselves. Check the extended trailer after the jump.

"Thor" SDCC

What do you think? Because I'm a cynic I'm still not too into it. I'm getting kind of a Masters of the Universe vibe, in fact. Asgard looks terribly gaudy, Anthony Hopkins sounds like a bad mix of Marlon Brando in Superman and Laurence Olivier in Clash of the Titans, and so far I find Chris Hemworth and Natalie Portman to be mismatched. BUT I do love all the scenes with Clark Gregg, I think The Destroyer looks awesome, and I actually am fine with the Iron Man reference in spite of the general annoyance of the franchise integrations so far. Plus, it's likely the best of the movie's effects weren't ready for an early preview and unlike the kids at Comic-Con, we don't get to see Hemsworth's abs popping out in 3D.

So I'm not exactly trying to start the backlash since I remain hopeful that Branagh will deliver a great film. I used to read Thor comics as a kid and always found them rather silly. I should expect to have the same reaction to this adaptation.

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