This Friday, Dinner for Schmucks, Jay Roach's remake of the already unfunny French comedy The Dinner Game, comes out. Dinner for Schmucks stars Paul Rudd and Steve Carell and follows a young white-collar jerk's attempt to get a promotion and impress his girlfriend by using an "idiot" (Carell) to impress his boss. Like it's source material, it's a rather obnoxious comedy, but this time around it tries to shame characters in the film for laughing at "idiots" in spite of the fact that that's exactly what the audience came to the theater to do. Where's Michael Haneke when you need him?!

In any case, Carell and co-star Zach Galifianakis, who are genuinely funny and worth watching in Dinner for Schmucks, came out with another of Galifianakis's short and sweet "Between Two Ferns" segments. "Between Two Ferns," for the uninitiated, is a very awkward talk show that Galifianakis does with fellow comedians and stars. His character in these skits is very similar to his persona in his stand-up material, very klutzy, kinda low-brow and emotionally manic. Carell similarly mocks himself by acting like a hoity-toity narcissist dissatisfied with the way his career has gone. (Dig that Evan Almighty crack!)

Before I show this clip to you, which I think is superior to Dinner for Schmucks (why yes, I do prefer Granny Smith apples to clementines), allow me to point out this line from my Dinner for Schmucks review which kinda, sorta anticipates my response to such a "hypothetical film" as the one Carell and Galifianakis just made:

"But with material this thoughtlessly cloying and bloated, they would have been better served if they were locked in a room together and allowed to improv a story with a couple of handheld cameras for two hours. The end product of that hypothetical comedy might not be more consistent than Dinner for Schmucks, but it'd almost certainly be a better comedy."

And it is. And on that note, check out the "Between Two Ferns" skit in question....