I didn't even go to Comic-Con, so I can only imagine the flood of information coming out of it is even more intense in person. But even from afar, the tidal wave of new content was overwhelming. It got to the point where I decided I was going to give the con a few days rest after it ended and then attempt to make sense of everything that came out of it. This is that attempt. I've wrangled together every post Cinematical got out of this year's convention and have grouped them together, in mostly chronological order, by project, for easy digestion.


Paramount Unveils Captain America and Thor Concept Posters -- Just days before the con was set to kick off, Paramount and Marvel decided to tease fans by releasing two gorgeous bits of concept art for their two upcoming origin films.

SDCC Quick Bite: Joss Whedon Confirms He's Directing The Avengers -- Everyone knew it to be so, but until his joint panel with J.J. Abrams, Joss Whedon had not officially confirmed that he was indeed directing Marvel's omnibus superhero film.

So Mark Ruffalo is the New Hulk ... Thoughts? -- About a week before everyone started flocking toward San Diego, Mark Ruffalo's name had emerged as the leading contender to take over as Marvel's Bruce Banner. Turned out the rumors were true.

SDCC: Full Cast for The Avengers Announced!! -- All of the other Avengers-related rumors turned out to be true as well, with Marvel eventually revealing the entirety of their principal Avengers cast. Kind of neat to see them all picture together on stage for the first time.

Have We Met Before? -- The Avengers Reunions -- Not long after that official roster emerged, Weinberg led the way in cross-referencing all the various films that the cast had been in prior.

SDCC: Marvel and The Avengers FTW? -- Jen Yamato then re-capped all of the footage Marvel had unveiled and essentially came to the conclusion that they could have given a better presentation.

Watch Comic Con Geek Out on The Avengers Introductions -- And it would seem that Yamato wasn't alone in her love for their presentation.

SDCC: Marvel Regains Film Rights for The Punisher -- While The Avengers were busy stealing the show, Kevin Feige was sure to point out that Marvel Studios (their film division) had reabsored the rights to the character of Frank Castle and would hopefully be bringing "him into the fray shortly."

The Green Lantern

SDCC: Fans Love Green Lantern Footage ... But Where's the Costume? -- Todd Gilchrist shares what those in Hall H got to see of Martin Campbell's upcoming foray into superheroes while bemoaning the sad absence of any footage of Ryan Reynolds as the titular hero.

Green Lantern Tries Again with Four New Posters -- Warner Brothers did try to make up with the lack of any shots of Reynolds in costume, however, by dishing out four new posters for the film.

Five Things A GreenLantern Fan Should Know -- Todd also pulled together a nice list of main things a newbie to the Green Lantern should know about the film.

The Green Hornet

SDCC: Will "KatoVision" Save The Green Hornet? -- Having already released its trailer ahead of Comic-Con, The Green Hornet's presentation wasn't full of the same surprises some of the other first-look titles enjoyed, but Elisabeth did try to answer the one question those who didn't like the trailer had.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

SDCC Gallery: The Scott Pilgrim Experience -- Universal set up a whole Scott Pilgrim exhibit outside of the convention and Erik was there to tell us all about it.

SDCC Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World -- The studio also held a not-so-secret screening of Edgar Wright's film and Todd was there to review it.

SDCC: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Panel -- David Ehrlich did a great job of sharing his notes verbatim from the Pilgrim panel.

SDCC: New Scott Pilgrim Clip: "Finish Him" -- If you're getting tired of the Scott Pilgrim trailers, or just can't get enough of them, you may want to move onto entire clips from the film.

Sucker Punch

SDCC: Sexy Sucker Punch Character Banners Revealed -- The girls of Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch each receive their own amazing posters.

Sucker Punch Trailer Now Online! -- Because still images aren't enough, Warner Brothers released the first Sucker Punch teaser trailer. (Note: this is not the same thing that con attendees were shown.)

Interview: Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder -- Todd picks the brain of two of the most important minds behind what looks like the ultimate fanboy fantasy film.

Tron: Legacy

SDCC: 'Recognize' New Tron: Legacy Footage -- Despite having a presence at SDCC three years running now, Tron: Legacy still had plenty of new footage to show off.

SDCC: Second Theatrical Trailer for Tron: Legacy Hits -- Most of that new footage has stayed exclusive to the con thus far, but Disney was sure to get the fans at home something to sink their teeth into.

Sci-Fi, Action and Fantasy

SDCC: First Reconnaissance Photos from Battle: Los Angeles -- Sony has been pretty coy about releasing a good look at Battle: Los Angeles, but they did let out a trio of images from the alien invasion film.

SDCC: J.J. Abrams Sets His Sights On Spielberg With Super-8 -- Though much is still unknown about the project, the one Super-8 detail we do know is that this is Abrams' version of a Spielberg movie. Here he helps elaborate a bit on just what exactly that means.

SDCC: The Expendables Want to Emasculate You -- David pulls out 10 things from the Expendables panel that stuck with him, the saddest of which is a preponderance for CG blood.

SDCC: Will Skyline Be Worth the View? -- Alien invasion films seem to be making a comeback of late, but the most intriguing (and ambiguous) of the lot is Skyline, which David helps shed some light on.

SDCC: Die Hard 5 is Imminent According to Willis -- You can't always trust a star when they say one of their characters is bound to return any day now, but I wouldn't say that to Bruce Willis' face.

First Look: Daniel Craig Goes All Iron Man in Cowboys & Aliens - -Jon Favreau must love wrist-based energy weapons, as seen in this first image from his upcoming film.

SDCC: 5 Things to Be Ready For in Red -- Not sold on the ensemble action film Red? This should help.


Brad Pitt to Star in World War Z Adaptation -- Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment has had the rights to Max Brook's brilliant zombie novel for years now, but it looks like they're finally going to enter production on it.

SDCC: Guillermo del Toro Directing 3D Remake of Disney's Haunted Mansion -- One of the most unexpected news items to come out of SDCC was that Guillermo del Toro would like to remake The Haunted Mansion.

SDCC: Nic Cage Drives Angry, Is Kind Of Crazy in 3D -- Patrick Lussier may be poised to deliver one of the wildest 3D movies of 2011.

SDCC: Did Let Me In Win Over Anti-Remake Critics? -- Jen Yamato reports back on the overall reaction to the Let The Right One In remake.

SDCC: Resident Evil 4 -- Better Than Being Stabbed In The Face -- I think this is my favorite headline to come out of the entire convention.

SDCC: Paul Bettany, 3D and Priest -- Todd chats up the star of Screen Gems' upcoming post-apocalyptic flick about a world overrun by vampires.

SDCC: What The Hell is Drive Angry 3D? -- A simple question answered quite simply.

Life at Comic-Con

Gallery: It's Preview Night at Comic-Con 2010!
-- Jen took her camera around the convention floor the night before the con proper to snap some pics of what was in store.

SDCC 10: Are Harry Potter Fans More Dedicated Than Twihards? -- An unanticipated revelation comes at the sight of the Horcruxes from the Deathly Hallows.

SDCC: Will Megamind Be Good or Evil? -- Animated features didn't have too big a presence at the fest, but David breaks down the good and bad of Megamind.

Comic-Con in 60 Seconds: Thursday, 7/22 -- Our first round-up of content from around the web.

SDCC Party Scene: Lucasfilm, G4, Tronand Scott Pilgrim -- The con doesn't stop when the panels close. No, it parties all. night. long.

Wild Speculatio-Poll: What Imaginary News Would You Love to Hear from SDCC? -- We wondered what the fans were hoping to be surprised by.

SDCC: Jackass 3D is Nasty ... But Still Kinda Hilarious -- Surprise, surprise, the Jackass crew have not lost their touch over the years.

Comic-Con in 60 Seconds. Friday, 7/23 -- Our second round-up of content from around the web.

SDCC: 7 Things I Learned Last Night -- Apparently Joss Whedon will dance with anyone.

SDCC: Machete Rips Guts, Feeds Tacos to the People! - Not only did Machete himself serve tacos to fans, but he also showed "seven awesomely NSFW minutes" of the film, which Jen tones down a bit for our SFW site.
SDCC: Adam McKay Confirms He's Directing The Boys! -- A few days prior to this announcement, McKay said he would only make The Boys if Simon Pegg starred in it. Let's hope he wasn't lying.

Gallery: The Hottest of Comic Con 2010! -- Let's face it, everyone loves cosplay.

Comic-Con in 60 Seconds. Sunday 7/25 -- Our third round-up of content from around the web.

SDCC: The Masters of Their Domain (Names) -- Two of our very own, Erik Davis and Jen Yamato, were part of the Masters of the Web panel moderated by Edgar Wright and Roberto Orci.

Joseph Gordon Levitt and His Hair Rule the New Hesher Clip -- Although it didn't have much to do with the spirit of the convention, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Hesher got a bit of play.

SDCC: My 10 Favorite Bits & Pieces Of Comic-Con 2010 -- David numerates the ten best things about Comic-Con 2010, which is merely a prelude to...

The 2010 Comic-Con Awards! -- Exactly what the headline sounds like, only funnier.