- Hey, Steampunk fans, J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production company are planning an adaptation of the graphic novel Boilerplate: History's Mechanical Marvel about a robot in the late 19th century, and early 20th, who travels the world and hobnobs with people like Teddy Roosevelt and Mark Twain. Before getting his own book, Boilerplate was merely a character on the Internet and actually was taken for a hoax when people thought some of the Photoshops were real. I hope Abrams ties that into the film somehow.

- Time for another Inception infographic, this one from Cracked outlining the difference between what dreams are like in the film vs. what dreams are like in "reality." Of course it's for humor, but how many of us are with them in having more dreams about being somewhere in our underwear than dreams where we can fold cities in on themselves?
- According to the site Think McFly Think, Warner Bros. is "seriously considering"Jon Hamm for the next Superman movie. I'm sure it's a rumor and anyway consideration means very little, but as much as I like Hamm in everything I've seen him in, they really need to just bring back Brandon Routh. And he agrees.

- LA Weekly's Karina Longworth takes an interesting look at the IDA's Oscar-qualifying event, DocuWeeks. Personally I love docs too much to care which ones are recognized by the Academy, but I also love docs enough to appreciate any program that helps these films get exposure and recognition.

- At least it knows its demographic? Middle Men, the Luke Wilson movie about the dawn of Internet porn is heavily advertising on ... Internet porn sites!

- Here is a trailer forsomething I am really looking forward to: the silent biopic about Louis Armstrong titled Louis, which Alison told us about the other day.

Louis Trailer from 42West Digital on Vimeo.