An Irish court has ruled on the case of a teenager who dressed as The Joker and set fire to his school in 2009. Christopher Clancy, 19, of Cherrywood Grove, Clondalkin pleaded guilty to arson.

According to the Irish Independent newspaper, when he was arrested last year Clancy said that he burned the school "because it is run by hypocrites and I didn't like the way they treated my friends." Therefore, he filled six large gas cans, cut his way through a wire fence to get onto the school grounds, smashed a glass door, poured gas all over a corridor and set it on fire.

From the Independent:
When gardai [Irish Police] arrived at the scene they noticed a man dressed "in a purple suit, with green hair, a white face and red painted lips".

"He was dressed up as The Joker from 'Batman'," said Gda Ganny. "He then told us to go around the corner and we would see what he had done."

Clancy had video-recorded the burning building on his mobile phone and had planned to send the video clip to his friends.

He told gardai [Irish police] he had left the school five months previous to the arson attack and "that's when I planned the attack".

He purchased the jerry cans over a five-week period and hid them in the bushes near the school. He bought 100 litres of petrol from a nearby petrol station.

He told gardai: "I am glad I did it because the people will realise they can't treat students as sub-human."

This is merely the latest in an odd trend over the last few years where young men dress as the Batman villain while committing crimes, from stealing movie posters to violent assaults, which is either a testament to Heath Ledger's brilliant acting or to the need for disturbed boys to latch onto particularly twisted role models. Or, perhaps, both.

Clancy, who was 17 at the time of the incident and didn't flee the scene is, in the words of his attorney, "an introspective and reserved person." He plans to attend art school in September. If, that is, he isn't locked up in the basement of Arkham.

[via io9]
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