When you slid into that comfy theater seat and watched Inception, did you notice the similarities between the grid-like maze holding up the black letters of "Inception," and the production company credits that featured "Syncopy"? Black letters this time outlined in white, and held into place by a grid-like series of lines that the letters themselves bleed into?

Well, it's more than just a mimicked style. Syncopy Films is a production company started by Christopher Nolan, linked to every one of this films, save Memento and Insomnia. It also derives from "syncope," which describes a brief loss of consciousness. Sounds particularly apt for the filmmaker, doesn't it?
Digging into the world of Syncopy Films, Box Office Spy Blog dared to traverse the realms of dreams and consciousness. Essentially, writer Victor Paul comments on the filmmaker's commitment, addiction, what-have-you, to this world of consciousness and the state of being aware, and wonders what statement the filmmaker is making with the name, or if it "could just be a reference to escaping consciousness to see a film that takes you to another world." He goes on to link discussions of consciousness with ideas from Inception.

BOSB sources say that Syncopy has been around for over a decade, though it does lead to questions of why Memento and Insomnia are not under the banner (at least according to BOSB and IMDb). Both are absolutely entrenched in ideas of reality, memory, and dreams; they're certainly not a diversion from form. Nevertheless, it's a really interesting idea to ponder -- a filmmaker whose commitment to a theme follows through company and films. Maybe we're all just players in the dream Nolan's concocting through Syncopy. What do you think? Muse away below!