Last week's Trailer Park was solely focused on Comic-Con footage, and the poll results were very, very close. In the end, Pirates of the Caribbean's teaser beat the latest from Tron Legacy by only two votes (26% vs. 25%). My number one pick, Machete, did pretty well in third place (16%), and bonus non-SDCC film Monsters is also gaining some good buzz in fourth place (10%). The big loser? Priest. Poor Paul Bettany.

This week we saw a few more Comic-Con leftovers, including a trailer for Thor: The Mighty Avenger. Both versions that we tried to embed were shut down, but if you search not so hard you can easily find the footage. I wasn't that into it, nor am I into what I see forSucker Punch. Maybe the reason we didn't see this stuff immediately after the Con attendees did is because they don't really work well for the non-fanboy crowd? Well, one new trailer did have me turned around, the "restricted" clip for The Other Guys. The last two trailers for the comedy have done little for me, but finally we're starting to see some hilarious material.

As far as the Trailer Park being a round-up of trailers we've looked at over the week, I'm sorry to say that I've left some really awful trailers off my chart: Yogi Bear (when do Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson get to voice a cartoon character?), Titanic II and Tamara Drewe(are we sure this isn't one of those re-cut trailers that change a film's genre?). Check out my rankings of the rest of the best and worst after the jump and let's see you all prove me wrong by campaigning for Sucker Punch by voting in the poll.
1. Catfish-- One of the few films I've been dying to see since the Sundance buzz last January. The trailer doesn't disappoint, promising an unpredictable story and a third act that's full of surprises. Those are some terrific pull quotes, too, all giving good indication that we can expect to be amazed. But does talking too much about the twists and turns make us anticipate them too much, and set us up to be spoiled between now and the film's fall release? I'm actually worried about it being ruined for me. People are already telling me they think the whole film is fake (similar to the possibility of Exit Through the Gift Shop?) because the guy seems like an actor. Is there any way, especially in my line of work, to go into this with a blank slate? I fear not. [iTunes]

2. Last Train Home-- I hinted at this one a week ago, but I love the film so much I need to actually feature it. It almost looks less like a documentary than Catfish does, right? [Zeitgeist Films]

3. Louis-- Can Jackie Earle Haley get the fanboys into both jazz and silent film at the same time? Never mind; forget the fanboys. If you've never seen a movie with live accompaniment, this is probably a good introduction. I'm off to buy my tix for the Apollo Theater date right now! [Vimeo]

4. Certified Copy (UK Trailer) -- This is the kind of film that is probably difficult to sell without making it look boring. That isn't a criticism with the work of Abbas Kiarostami or films like his, so much as it's an issue with movie marketing. Whoever cut this trailer, though, did an impressive job of capturing some great acting from Juliet Binoche, which appeals to me as much as the filmmaker's name and reviews from Cannes do. [Guardian]

5. Soul Kitchen -- The latest from acclaimed filmmaker Fatih Akin looks a little silly, but I can't say no to a foodie movie. Especially not a foreign foodie movie shot by Rainer Klausmann.

6. The Other Guys (Comic-Con Trailer) -- The Prius jokes are excellent. "It literally just gave a hummer to a Hummer."

7. Stone-- This thriller, which has an even worse title than The Town, seems pretty generic. I can believe Robert De Niro and Milla Jovovich aren't above doing a crappy late-night-cable-ready flick, but Edward Norton's involvement is keeping me a little interested. [Moviefone]

8. Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage -- It's nice to see someone still making fantasy films with Dynamation rather than bad CG (I'm talking to you, makers of the Clash of the Titans remake). I only wish this was being distributed by Sony/Columbia to better associate it with the old Charles Schneer and Ray Harryhausen productions. It probably won't be as good as those films, anyway, but at least someone's inspired by them (Harryhausen even gets a "thanks" credit). [iTunes]

9. SuckerPunch (Comic-Con Trailer) -- I guess the Internerds are excited about Zach Snyder's 300 for straight guys, which is like a mix of Kill Bill and Sky Captain, but I predict it will be as under-satisfying and under-performing as the latter. [YouTube]

10. The Resident- Just when you thought Hilary Swank was going to redeem her career via Conviction we get a look at this familiar horror film that appears to combine everything we've seen before, from Dark Water to Psycho to Paranormal Activity. Still, at least she's not in Yogi Bear, so I guess she has a shred of dignity remaining. [Worst Previews]