In the one corner, we have Karyn Kusama. She kicked off her directorial career with Girlfight, helping to pave Michelle Rodriguez's future as a kick-ass lady. But her follow-up tough-girl gigs didn't go so well. First was Aeon Flux in 2005, and then the disappointing Jennifer's Body just last year.

In the other corner we've got Chloe Moretz. She's already a Kick-Ass Hit Girl, and now pops up on the casting list of just about every young girl/daughter combo. She's on fire right now, soon to hit our eyes with Let Me In, Hugo Cabret, The Fields, and many more.

So when you bring them together, and throw them into The Rut, how will they fare?
To try to get out of the rut caused by her last two features, the LA Times' 24 Frames reports that Kusama will get busy with a new film called ... The Rut. This time the girl action gets a mellow twist, focusing on a father-daughter relationship where dad teaches his kid all about hunting and archery, and then goes missing.

Sound familiar? You might remember that just the other day I posted that David O. Russell is gearing up for a father-daughter affair with Old St. Louis, and Moretz is being considered for the role. Digging into the world of Dads and daughters seems to be all the rage these days, and it makes me wonder just how many father-daughter roles Moretz has to dig through.

The question is: Which will she take? She could grab both, but with the amount of opportunities coming her way, I'd imagine she'd pick and choose between father-daughter projects. Will she choose Russell and a more serious role that has a good chance of getting her cred, or, will she be drawn to Kusama's female empowerment circle, even if the filmmaker's last two features struggled?

Personally, I'd like to see Moretz and Kusama team up, and hope the Kick Ass star can up Kusama's female-empowered cinema to beloved female-empowered cinema. How 'bout you?
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