If you take a look at Gregg Araki's oeuvre, it's rife with strange people and crazy circumstances that rarely get play on the big screen. Whether it's a tale of hedonistic journeys, the strange people you meet when you're on the run, or a girl who can't choose between sexy Abel and Zed, Araki has always offered an alternative cinematic icon for the fringe element. His is a strange world that intermingles darkness, sexiness, whimsy, and humor in one appealing cult package.

But it seems that the filmmaker only wants to entertain certain fringe elements, and these audiences do not include London's FrightFest.
FrightFest's Alan Jones has blogged that Araki's latest, Kaboom, won't be shown at this year's festival, which runs at the end of this month. He writes:
When I saw his latest movie Kaboom at Cannes this year, I absolutely loved it and knew it would be perfect for FrightFest. Okay, so it wasn't your average horror fantasy, instead it was a smartly written, sexy and hyper-hip mix of Buffy, Twin Peaks and Donnie Darko. Like Araki's other works, Nowhere and The Doom Generation in particular, it was a celebration of alternative lifestyles, a live-and-let mantra about people existing outside the norm. Can you imagine our surprise then when we were told that Araki wanted Kaboom pulled from our line-up because he didn't want it being seen by a 'bunch of geeks', his alleged words.
Perhaps if Araki was talking about ComicCon, there's a decent -- although very poorly worded -- argument to make. Comic geeks itching for Thor are probably not Araki's target audience. But a strange, SciFi journey that intermingles sex and murder? One linked to classics like Twin Peaks? Wouldn't that make it precisely the film to screen at FrightFest?

I would think that the "geeks" at FrightFest would be the type to help get the word out about Kaboom, because let's face it -- Araki's films are indie affairs that need the love of loyal fans. As a long-time Araki fan myself, I hope those alleged words aren't his at all...
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