If you're looking at the latest ad for Icon Productions' call for interns and thinking to yourself, "I deserve it!" then you've found your true calling. Mel Gibson's production company is seeking "hardworking" interns for the fall, with a "team-based attitude." Applicants who hate women, Jews, deny the Holocaust ever happened, or have experience with arson and body disposal (in rose gardens) will be given special consideration. Meanwhile, women who look like "a Vegas wh*re" should probably not bother throwing their hat into the ring.

What will you get if you're lucky enough to land the position? Why, you'll have a fantastic opportunity to learn the film industry from the ground floor up! Interns need to be able to commit to working two days per week (9:30 AM -- 6:30 PM) and are eligible to receive college credit. There's no pay involved, but you'll be able to learn how to read scripts, write coverage, answer countless phone calls from reporters wanting to know what Mel was thinking, and at the end of the term, you can practice pitching ideas to a high-level Hollywood executive.

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"Icon Productions (PUSH, APOCALYPTO, BRAVEHEART) seeks fall interns. Interns learn the ins and outs of feature film development, from reading scripts and writing coverage to learning the art of pitching. At the end of the semester interns have the opportunity to practice pitching a project to a high level development executive. Other duties include administrative tasks and covering the reception desk. MUST be able to receive college credit and commit to at least two full days a week, 9:30am - 6:30pm. Interns do not need prior experience, but do need a positive, hardworking, team based attitude. Please email your cover letter and résumé reception@icon-films.com ~ Unpaid 7/30"

There you go, kids -- time to start polishing those resumes. It's not every day you get the opportunity to watch a Hollywood icon self-destruct right in front of your eyes. You can probably write a book about it when the semester is over and forget about getting your degree ...

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