Oh, the dizzying frontiers of youth, and the important stages of maturity. Your first steps, your first words, your first kiss ... your first marijuana cigarette. Not that I, personally, would know anything about that. But, you know, I watch a lot of movies.

In the soon-to-be-released HIGH School, valedictorian Henry Burke (Matt Bush) smokes weed for the first time with his stoner buddy Travis (Sean Marquette), then panics when his school principal (Michael Chiklis) announces he'll be instituting drug testing. So the boys steal drugs from a local dealer named "Psycho Ed' -- played, believe it or not, by Adrien Brody (right) -- with the plan that if they get the whole school to test positive, they won't get nailed for smoking weed.

In the just-released clip (after the jump), Travis presents Henry with his first joint, and sways him to smoke with the promise, "Getting high, it's like freedom. Smells, tastes, feelings -- they all become, like, uh, four-dimensional." Ah, to be a teenager again! I mean, don't do drugs, kids. Ahem. em>

HIGH School premiered at Sundance in January and played at Canada's Fantasia International Film Festival in July; in his review, our own Scott Weinberg called it "a slight farce from a group of first-time filmmakers," but that "judged on the scale of 'weed comedies,' ... HIGH School is considerably slyer, slicker, and funnier than most of its ilk." Having a supporting cast that includes Colin Hanks, Yeardley Smith, and Michael Vartan helps a bit, too, I'm sure.

There doesn't seem to be a solid release date available, but check out the clip below. Don't forget to inhale.

"HIGH school" - Exclusive Film Clip from John Stalberg Jr. on Vimeo.