Sometimes you dream up some great casting before a project ever comes to be, and sometimes you later hear a possibility so perfect that you slap your head and wonder why it never occurred to you before. For example, though I've played "cast this!" many times, when dreaming up action roles there's one name I never considered -- Christina Hendricks -- the curvaceous, snarky, and wonderfully talent redhead from Mad Men.

However, while I may have dropped the ball thinking up a role for the beloved Joan, she's already waiting for her shot at the action.
In a chat with the New York Post, the discussion turned to her skills as an accordion player, and when asked what other skills she'd like to obtain through her work, she said: "I always wanted to do a movie where I had to learn kung-fu for three months. Where if someone made you do it, you could do it."

Those two sentences immediately flung me into a daydream film. I imagined Hendricks playing a stranded woman who finds herself battered and alone in some remote location (plane shot down, perhaps?), learning kung-fu or some other fighting tricks, and becoming a ruthless and unstoppable mercenary with muscles rippling, hair asunder, and a killer look in her eye.

On the other hand, if your tastes run somewhat more heroic, how about, as Dixon Gaines from Movieline suggests: "A movie where Christina Hendricks kicks butt and takes names might almost be too much to bear. The line for the official petition for Hendricks to play Wonder Woman starts behind me." Hendricks might have to dye those locks a different color, but by god, he's right -- she'd be so awesome in the role. It's no jump to imagine her as a superheroine brought to life from carefully sculpted stone.

If you need further convincing of her action power, check her out in Firefly below ... and if you're joining the ranks of fans wanting to see her bust some cinematic ass, weigh in below with your casting ideas.

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