At first read, this might sound like news that would stab you right in the heart. Could it be possible that the wonderful and talented Rachel Weisz would actually entertain the notion of a Deep Blue Sea remake at this point in her career? Would she follow Agora by being stalked on the seas by smart sharks who fight back, drenched, busty, and desperate? Couldn't the sharks stick to Shark Week?

Have no fear, dear readers. Ms. Weisz isn't looking into Deep Blue Sea, but rather The Deep Blue Sea, a cinematic adaptation of Terence Rattigan's 1952 play, which was also turned into a Vivien Leigh-starring film in 1955.
The Daily Mail reports that House of Mirth director Terence Davies has written an adaptation of the play, and Weisz will star, if scheduling works out. The story focuses on Hester Collyer, "the 'prized possession' of her husband, a high court judge." She leaves her husband and shacks up with once-pilot Freddie Page, a man traumatized by the war and comforted by the bottle. But it's a bit more than just the story of a woman unhappy in 1950s Britain.

A bit shackled by social restrictions when it came out, the play deals with heavy topics like suicide and sexual awakening. "Hester has an orgasm for the first time when she's 40, with a man who's not her husband, and what happens is that she physically changes, she experiences physical love for the first time," producer Sean O'connor explains. What was once implied can now be explored fully, which should make for an interesting -- and certainly sexy -- drama.

It's important to note how this project falls into the UK Film Council closing. The UKFC was instrumental in connecting the filmmakers with Weisz, and are currently aiding in the hunt for funding and distribution. Without it, there's a good chance we'd never have heard this story, at least not as a buzzed featuring starring Weisz.
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