- I'm not saying Christopher Nolan extracted the 'invade people's dreams to steal their secrets' concept of Inception from Uncle Scrooge in The Dream of a Lifetime, but...

- The Playlist reports that Sony has optioned Sheila Weller's biography of Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon, titled Girls Like Us, with intent to make it a "priority project". The studio is currently looking specifically for a female scribe to tackle the script.

- If you're a big fan of stalking movie sets, Sony has slotted starting months for two of its most anticipated, surefire blockbusters: Spider-Man and Men in Black III. If you happen to want to stalk both, you'll have to crack the space time continuum; MIBIII will be filming in NYC, Spidey, however, is heading to LA.

- Marc Guggenheim and Alisa Tager have formed Collider Entertainment with the goal of creating cross-platform content. The company's first two projects actually sound pretty rad: Utopian, about a world where superheroes have to deal with how useless they are after the world's problems suddenly begin to vanish, and The Mission, which sounds an awful lot like Frailty.
- Fun fact about Inception: The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation set up an array of mobile solar panels to generate the electricity needed to power the stars' trailers on set.

- Frederatorblogs.com (via /Film) stumbled across the above picture, tweeted by Jason Alexander, of the hairdos he and Cheryl Hines will be sporting for Nickelodeon's live-action version of The Fairly OddParents.

- The Expendables looks a lot less manly when its trailer is smushed together with Toy Story 3.

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