Information on Academy Award-nominated writer-director Jason Reitman's (Up in the Air, Juno, Thank You For Smoking*) follow-up directorial effort has been sparse over the last year, but Deadline has the latest and it's almost a go: Reitman is set to direct Young Adult, an original script from Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody (The United States of Tara, Jennifer's Body, Juno) with Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron (Monster) to star in the comedy-drama.

Young Adult centers on a ghost writer (Theron) who writes young adult novels. Suffering an early mid-life (identity) crisis, she decides to look up and rekindle a relationship with her high-school boyfriend (who's married and has zero interest in revisiting the past), and reconnect with old high-school friends and acquaintances.

Partnering with Mandate Pictures and John Malkovich's production company, Mr. Mudd, Reitman hopes to have additional financing in place to begin production on November 10th in New York City.

I have more faith in Reitman than in Cody, who's last film, Jennifer's Body, disappointed commercially and critically, but with Theron, an actress who tends to pick quality projects (Aeon Flux notwithstanding) attached, I'm willing to give Young Adult the benefit of the doubt.

Based on what you've read, what do you think of Reitman's next project? Given the talent involved, does this project sound like something you'd like to see theatrically, on DVD/VOD/Cable, or not at all?
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