Whenever I see something John Hillcoat and Nick Cave have collaborated on, or hear rumors of a new project, my imagination gets evil and selfish. I muse about kidnapping both men, locking them in a room, and making them cinematic indentured servants, who must create their way to freedom. It's extreme, I know, but there's an irresistible and frenetic magic to the work between these men, and their projects are few and far between -- especially when some, like The Wettest County in the World, get canned before we can enjoy them.

But while we wait to see if The Death of Bunny Munro makes its way to British TV, and whether their next film idea will move beyond the development phase, Hillcoat has whipped up some awesome viral videos for Grinderman 2, the latest album from Cave's spin-off band, Grinderman.
The Playlist found a bunch of viral videos, which you can see below. Aside from completely loving how Hillcoat's visual aesthetic works with Cave's music, it's easy to watch these videos and imagine an alternate reality where Hillcoat tackles those popular topless werewolves (he never would, but I find it fascinating to wonder what he'd do with sappy teen horror romance), and really finds the horror in What Lies Beneath. The viral clips are rife with growling wolves, eerie bathtime where husbands and wives offer no protection, and a creepy orange-swathed cheerleader who would be right at home in David Lynch's alternate reality.

Dig into the awesome below.

Grinderman Trailer 05 from Anti Records on Vimeo.