When you're in the middle of a financial meltdown...

When you've shelved iconic box office draws like James Bond and Bilbo Baggins...

When you've been backed into Bankruptcy Corner, there is only one thing you can do...

You make a feature film based on the 1960s TV series The Outer Limits from a script by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, or as they're more commonly known: The Guys Who Wrote Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI And The Upcoming Saw 3D But Don't Hold That Against Them Because They're Just Struggling Writers In A Dog-Eat-Dog World.

It's a perplexing move from the fast deteriorating MGM, where pennies are a rarity and hope is a dirty word. I'm no business expert, I can't even balance my own check book, but wouldn't it make more sense to spend the company's last remaining resources on a project that would be a guaranteed smash hit? Something that could maaaybe keep the lion roaring a little longer? Call me sentimental, but I guess I'd like to see one of the oldest movie studios go down swinging with the big boys, riding off into the sunset with one last 007 adventure or a return to Middle Earth.
Enough business crap. Let's talk about The Outer Limits. Those born fresh into this age of cellular telephones and interwebs have probably never heard of the pulpier (cheesier) counterpart (rip-off) to the far more famous and influential (better) The Twilight Zone. A science fiction anthology series, each episode dealt was its own little story. Sometimes, Martin Landau was a time traveling mutant hellbent on preventing the apocalypse. Sometimes, there was a story that felt suspiciously similar to The Terminator and would result in Harlan Ellison suing James Cameron. You know, that 'ol chestnut.

Will Dunstan and Melton make this an anthology movie, a science fiction answer to George Romero's Creepshow? Will they adapt a single episode of the series? Will they pull a new story out of thin air and slap the Outer Limits title on it? Will MGM still be around by the time they finish the script? What's going to happen to James Bond?

Questions, questions.

(Via Variety)
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