Years ago, Sam Raimi wanted to bring The Shadow to the bring screen. He was denied the opportunity, and the film was ultimately given to other hands, which hugely failed whilst Raimi went on to kick off the very successful Spider-Man franchise. But in late 2006, it looked like the filmmaker was getting a second chance. Fast forward to this year, and Raimi was still in, but only as producer, and David Slade's name was knocked around for the director's chair.

But this new rumor is much, much sweeter -- one that should help the poor Shadow erase memories of the 1994 production and give us a whole new world to geek out over.
Pajiba's Hollywood Cog has offered up one hell of a treat: (S)he says that Quentin Tarantino is looking to co-write and direct the film. The site is careful to note that this could be a momentary thing, and might not ever come to fruition, but wouldn't it be sweet if it did?

Tarantino's biggest skill has been crafting his love of cinema and specific moments of film into new, popular, and entertaining creations. This has been almost solely in the realm of heavy violence, and it's no jump to imagine him taking that interest and crafting a noir New York City and a pulp-fiction vigilante swathed in a hat and cloak, clouding men's minds. In fact, the idea sounds so great that I hope it is true, because the more I think about this match, the more I want it. Has anyone else been more interested in the evil that lurks in the hearts of men? And, should this happen, I can only hope that it leads him to broader filmmaking vision. I'd love to see his film-fan mentality revitalizing Hollywood's other genres.

What do you think of Tarantino tackling The Shadow?
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