Creator: John Wigger

John is an average Joe in this zom-com webcomic. The guy needed to split the rent with someone and got more than he bargained for when George, a zombie, became his roommate. George is the uberest of uber nerds though, and despises the way the living dead are portrayed in the media. He's also smart enough to be a pain in the ass and has a techie God complex to boot.

Creator: G.T. Becks

Victoria Starfield has been resurrected from her suicidal slumber and transformed from a tragic Hollywood celebrity into a supernatural secret agent named Mazscara. She works for Crowd Control to protect five children (the key to protecting the future of the planet) from demons, serial killers, fallen angels, and other demonic deviants. Weapon of choice: 250 feet of razor sharp barbed wire.
The Pack
Creator: Mike Oliveri

The Tylers are a close-knit family with a supernatural legacy to contend with. The first in this series, Winter Kill, picks up after Oliveri's Werewolves: Call of the Wild miniseries. The northern Minnesota mountain region is the backdrop for a group of murders being investigated by the FBI. Supernatural mysteries and werewolves abound.

Raven Diablo, Agent of Kali
Writer: Miko Montgomery
Illustrator: Joshua Johnson

Take one part Wuxia, one part Kali, and a badass avenging angel named Raven, and you get a story about a warrior woman doing battle in the sinister city of Las Vegas. "Raven Diablo is a weapon of judgment. Trained by masters and sculpted to perfection, she is a murderous masterpiece unleashed. And the fulfillment of ancient prophecy. Now is her time." Holla!
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