Reporting about that so-called Arrested Development movie is like reporting the direction of the wind in a twister. One moment it's going one way, and in the next, it's going the other. At this point many fans are ignoring the back-and-forth news full-stop because it never changes. Scripts are still being written. "Maybes," "Maebys," and "definitelys" fly to and fro every time a site asks about the project. The story never really changes and we never seem to be any closer to an Arrested reality.

But now the rumors and possibilities are starting to move beyond the core cast as discussions arise about new talent that could be brought into the possible film, like one Ms. Jennifer Aniston.
On Saturday, while doing press for The Switch, Jason Bateman told MTV that he wants co-star Jennifer Aniston to have a part in the big-screen Arrested Development. It seems he has read the script -- or what there is of a script -- and "there's a real good part for her" in the production. "Hopefully the guy who's in charge will like her for that part because I'm going to suggest her." Then, like a perfectly orchestrated back and forth, Aniston talked with the site, and expressed her interest: "I love it. I actually think I might have asked [Bateman] ... if that was possible. Anything to work with Jason."

I'm sure there are many fans queasy over the news, but maybe this will be the chance for a whole new Aniston. Let's remember Bateman was the dude from Valerie's Family whose two big-screen roles before AD were Sol Goode and The Sweetest Thing, and the show itself was a way for folks back in the day to have, once again, their fun on the small screen.

Will Aniston have enough pieces of flair to jump into the world of Arrested Development?


UPDATED: Bateman later admitted that this was a joke and he wasn't being serious at all, so ... take from that what you will.
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