It shouldn't be too long now until we see how Justin Timberlake fares as a leading man of science fiction. Just last month, he joined Andrew Niccol's latest scifi drama, Im.mortal. The film sees him a future where the aging gene is shut off, and time becomes the wealth of the world; the rich get to live forever, while the poor battle with their mortality. Timberlake will play a poor man who inherits a fortune of time, is targeted as part of a murder investigation, and ends up kidnapping an heiress (Amanda Seyfried) while on the run.

Naturally, someone has to try and bring the poor guy down, and Cillian Murphy wants the honor.
THR's Heat Vision reports that Murphy is in final negotiations to co-star in Im.mortal. He'll play "an officer from an organization known as Timekeepers," who is as "precise as the time he keeps." While you might struggle to imagine Timberlake in the film, it takes no jump of the imagination to imagine Murphy as a stickler for time, and recording wealth to the penny second.

Like Peter, I'm pretty eager to see how this turns out. Timberlake continues to surprise me, so I'm not exactly worried about him, it's always great to see Seyfried do something other than weepy romances, and now we've got one charismatically creepy foil with Murphy.

Niccols, of course, is the mind that brought us both Gattaca and The Truman Show in the late '90s, before following it up with S1m0ne and The Terminal. This sounds like just the story to bring him back to his first tastes of success, and calm fan's nerves before he tackles The Host (Stephenie Meyer's take on scifi).

Production is scheduled to begin in late September, so if all stays on track, maybe we can enjoy a whole different fight for immortality come 2011.
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