Though her name is batted around in an endless number of projects from the dark comedy of Pharm Girl to a little a big-screen version of The Pioneer Woman blog, there's a new project on the way for Reese Witherspoon, one that will likely shoot to the number one spot once her deal is set. See, she's got another opportunity to hit the stage and sing, and this time, as the leading figure rather than the romantic interest. After winning an Oscar for her work as June Carter Cash, Witherspoon is now looking to bring to life the late singer and actress Peggy Lee.
Variety reports that Witherspoon has scored the rights to Peggy Lee's story from the singer's estate, which she will produce and star in, if talks work out for the latter. Of course, life rights are only part of the pie, so she's grabbed Lee fan Nora Ephron to write the script and direct.

It looks like this project will span the length of Lee's life, detailing her singing (known for her cover of "Fever"), songwriting (including many tunes for Lady and the Tramp), and acting, which included an Oscar nomination for Pete Kelly's Blues in 1956. (The same ceremony that gave her a nod in the '50s snubbed her when she passed away almost a decade ago; it'll be interesting to see if they try to right the snub with this film.)

Though I'm still disappointed with Julie and Julia, I like the idea of Ephron taking this gig. It was easy to see her passion for Julia Child in her last film, and I'm sure her fandom will help Lee's life translate well for the big screen. However, I do worry about Witherspoon as Lee. She's got a ton of talent, but it just doesn't translate when she has to play a real person. Though the emotions and actions feel real, visually, she's always Reese. But perhaps morphing into the Lee's curvy and seductive self will help.

What do you think? Is it time Reese brought some finger-snapping "Fever" to the screen? Below is a clip of Lee singing the classic song, to help you decide.

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