Comic book adaptation rumors are no longer only for the big screen; thanks to the Spider-Man musical, they're consuming Broadway as well. Is Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark actually happening? That's the question we've been struggling with for about a year now, but it looks like the LA Times finally has an answer and it's going to make Reeve Carney very happy. Carney will take the stage in the Spidey suit for the show's premiere on December 21st.

The Julie Taymor-directed production features music by Bono and the Edge and will call the Foxwoods Theatre home (formerly known as the Hilton Theatre). I've passed the building a number of times waiting for the day when they'd finally stop teasing us and take down those Turn off the Dark posters, but now it looks as though they can keep them up and even add some more. Previews will begin on November 14th, so soon after some of those posters will hopefully feature critical praise too.
As awkward as this whole concept of a Spider-Man musical sounds, it's still impossible not to be interested. Does anyone even want that fourth Spider-Man movie? Maybe, maybe not, but regardless, people are excited simply because it's Spider-Man. However, a new development that might take away some of that excitement, for non-Broadway fans at least, is a little casting shakeup. Carney is still our hero, but the roles of Mary Jane Watson and the Green Goblin have been reassigned. Mary Jane will be played by Jennifer Damiano, not Evan Rachel Wood, and the Green Goblin is now Patrick Page, not Alan Cumming.

While this certainly takes away some of the allure, for those familiar with the industry, it may actually make it more appealing. Damiano just received a Tony nomination last year for her performance in Next to Normal, and Page has a massive list of shows on his resume including Grinch – The Musical, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. The show may have lost star power, but definitely not talent. Considering Turn off the Dark is being called the most expensive Broadway musical ever, I'd like to bet the switch might have had something to do with the paychecks. However, Wood and Cumming both have busy film careers as well, so it also could be due to scheduling issues. The show was originally set to open back in February, so there's probably just so much time they can block out.

The new trio is scheduled to unite and begin rehearsing on August 16th, and tickets are expected to go on sale sometime in September, but no official date has been revealed. However, American Express cardholders can order tickets on the show's website next week. Are you going to snatch one up when they're available?
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