Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is definitely one of a kind, so it's understandable if you need a little something to get you ready for it. Let me pull your minds out of the gutter on that one and tell you that the perfect way to get prepped for this hilarious videogame/love story/action mash up is with the film's soundtrack and score and, conveniently enough, they're both streaming on

Scott Pilgrim is one heck of a visual spectacle, but a key component to the experience is the music, and not just the music being played by Scott's band the Sex Bob-ombs. The original motion picture soundtrack has four Sex Bob-ombs songs and two from another fictional band from the flick, Crash and the Boys, but the rest of the 18-track disc is packed with tunes from Frank Black, Metric, The Rolling Stones, Beck and more.
And that's not to say the Sex Bob-ombs and Crash and the Boys aren't talented musicians deserving of spots on this album. Well, the two Crash and the Boys songs are pretty short and sweet, but necessities if you're hoping to relive the film through the soundtrack. As for the Sex Bob-ombs (Michael Cera on bass, Mark Webber on vocals and Alison Pill on drums playing songs written by Beck) one my favorite is the first track, the song that accompanies the opening credits, "We Are Sex Bob-omb." If you're looking for a serious old school videogame throwback check out track 13, "Threshold (8 bit)," which is basically comprised entirely of way-back-when game sound effects.

As for the score, it's a major winner from the very start, just like the film. Scott Pilgrim will steal your heart when it opens with a pixilated Universal Logo backed by an 8-bit version of the logo theme song. The majority of this disc comes from Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich and he delivers big time from that first track on. I can't say it's something I'd listen to over and over, but one of the most memorable moments in the film features Satya Bhabba as Matthew Patel performing a number that's track four on the disc, the Bollywood inspired "Slick." However, one I would listen to over and over again is track 18, "Katayanagi Twins vs. Sex Bob-omb." The electronic and rock combination is intriguing enough without the imagery, but take a listen to this one and then check it out in the film and it'll blow you away.

Not into soundtracks when you're not taking them in during the film? This one could change that. Those with a serious appreciate for music will certainly fall for these offbeat compilations and for the rest, once you've seen the film and have been fully consumed by Scott Pilgrim's epicness, you'll be needing them to relive the experience. Click here to take a listen.