When Joss Whedon crafts his spin on The Avengers, it's sure to be a modern and sleek adventure as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the rest come together for a little geek action. Superhero Hype got word that production on the 2012 film will officially begin in February 2011, but what would it look like if these superheroes got to go retro to fight off an invasion by the Skrulls decades ago?

Ivan Guerrero, known for making "pre-makes" trailers of popular Hollywood films like Ghostbusters, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Gone with the Wind, has returned with a pre-make for The Avengers -- if it had become a movie in 1952, years before the team ever hit the comic book world. What's so impressive about these trailers is that it's not present-day acting aged into black and white blips. Guerrero goes back through the Hollywood vault to find old clips that do the job, and for The Avengers, that means picking from classics like House of Frankenstein and Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman to create a faux trailer where the Skrulls muck up life on Earth.
As an added bonus, the pre-make is overflowing with references that go much further than just the obvious Captain America or Thor. You'll spot the Daily Bugle and Peter Parker, see Yul Brynner pop up as Charles Xavier (he was the physical inspiration for the character), and even see one Emma Peel jump ship from the other notable Avengers.

Considering what this man can do with disparate clips and films, can someone please give him a job making real trailers? Just think how many more apt and intriguing teasers we could feast on...

Check out the first clip below to enjoy a peek into The Avengers, 1952-style, and once you do, hit the second, annotated pre-make to see if you caught all the geek references.

[via The Daily What]