By now you should be pouring through the free, online preview of the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and how utterly awesome it is to hear, finally, the words: "We are Sex Bob-omb!" (Forget the fighting, I've been waiting for that one, lone shriek for months and months.) But once the tunes are inextricably burned into your brain for the next week or two, how about relaxing with a little look at Atlanta's weather?

While on their Pilgrim press tour in Georgia, Jason Schwartzman (who plays the final foe, Gideon Gordon Graves) and Michael Cera (our hero, Scott Pilgrim) got a chance to perform the weather forecast for Fox News. They probably shouldn't quit their day jobs, and probably won't be seen in a sequel to Anchorman, but it's a nice diversion all the same.
Schwartzman seems a little confused at first, calling in some air traffic control postures and Dance Fever moves, but kicks into weather gear soon enough, while Cera gets hit by bus advertisements, fondles Myrtle Beach, and tries to float in the sky, hold the screen, or something ... I have no idea what the hell he's doing.

It's funny, naturally, because these guys are hilarious, and while they're not very good, I wish more weather people would take a cue from Schwartzman and do the sweeping step forward, with waving arms behind them, to reveal the pertinent information they were just standing in front of. Or, perhaps give David Lynch a run for his weather-video money... Oh, if only!

The clip is below, for your enjoyment.

[via theawl]