Love Pixar's Upenough to center your nuptials around it? In an effort to tie all my life into discussion posts (remember when a new pet purchase spawned another?), here's a prompt inspired by my recent wedding engagement. While I highly doubt my fiancee and I will actually have a movie-themed wedding -- the closest thing being a likely popcorn machine on the premises -- I am curious if any Cinematical readers had or would have a ceremony based around either Hollywood, movies in general or a specific film title or genre.

I've heard of geeks doing Star Wars theme and other cosplay-centric weddings. And we've seen some clever movie-themedengagements (you'd likely be disappointed in my lack of anything cinematic in the way I proposed, unless you link my nervous mumbling to mumblecore or something). When I asked for possible suggestions in the event I did go through with something like this, my Twitter followers could mostly just make jokes involving The Graduate.
I'd love to do something centered around one of our first dates, yet some of our early moviegoing included A Woman Under the Influence, Umberto D.and (500) Days of Summer (though the last inspired at least a photoshoot). Not very romantic stuff there. One thing I will admit to always wanting is for my bride to walk down the aisle to Queen's version of the "Wedding March" from Flash Gordon. Super dorky, but hey, it's better than my other cynical bachelor-days idea of playing The Doors' "The End."

How about a wedding inspired by a wedding movie? My fiancee really, really wants a wedding like the one in Rachel Getting Married. I think it'd be funny if she got braces and we had an Altman-esque affair. Or maybe we can be super bold and do a nudist wedding like one of the competing couples in Confetti?

I know there are some hardcore cinephiles out there, many of whom are married. So, did your wedding feature anything movie-related?
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