The good news is we only have three more weeks until the summer movie season is over. This dreadful, dismal summer movie season. The bad news is that we are going to be reliving it from September until the end of the year with the DVD market all over again. An official announcement for Toy Story 3 is still pending while some stores are telling customers to save the date on November 2 to pick up their copy. You will have to make it through October to get to it though.

Sony's remake of The Karate Kid is currently the 9th highest grossing film of the year. It's $173 million is about on par with the original's gross (figuring for inflation) although its charm, humor and general likability was left back in 1984. On Oct. 5 though you can decide whether the right person is being punched in the face when Jaden Smith is in the ring. No Mr. Miyagi to guide him here, just Jackie Chan's handyman, Mr. Han, easily the only thing watchable for those with a fondness for the original. And yet it is still the best of this week's new theatrical announcements.

I don't know if adding anything to the 73 minutes we saw of Jonah Hex would help the film at all, but I surely do hope there is a director's cut (from Jimmy Hayward - or - Francis Lawrence) somewhere on WB's DVD or Blu-ray coming out Oct. 12. 80 minutes won't do. Anything less than 90 or 95 and I can't see anyone taking a second look nor do I encourage a first one no matter how many times you read that Armond White thought it was better than Toy Story 3. Heck, fool us and say that Josh Brolin took Megan Fox to Abu Dhabi to drive the male oppressors nuts with a generous display of almost nudity. It worked for the ladies of Sex and the City.

Oh wait, it really did not. Twice the length of Jonah Hex (with credits) and yet none of the dignity is WB's Sex and the City 2. Not as successful as the first and in no way helped by the film's asinine second-half subplot to take a Middle East vacation, Michael Patrick King set back the battle of the sexes, U.S. relations with the world, gay marriage and the 80's all in one fell swoop. Fans of the series who may want to relive the glory days (and possibly teach myself what was so great about it in the first place) can also get HBO's repackaged Complete Series of the show which also features both of the theatrical ventures. Both items will be available on Oct. 26.

Shout! Factory just keeps the Roger Corman coming. This time on Nov. 2 with Traci Lords' "legit" movie debut with the 1988 remake of Not Of This Earth and the Cult Classics Double Feature packaging of The Terror Within and Dead Space, the latter featuring Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston in an early role. And how's this treat for cult movie fans everywhere? Ralph Bakshi's Street Fight (aka Coonskin) is coming from the studio on Nov. 9. Philip Michael Thomas was Brother Rabbit in the animated film years before he was Brother Tubbs on Miami Vice and Barry White was Brother Bear well before Joaquin Phoenix was. If this film can somehow find its way to DVD, can Disney please finally consider bringing out Song of the South for Heaven's sake?

Thankfully, Blu-ray keeps the cult favorites coming. You can get the full details on the forthcoming GrindhouseSpecial Edition here with our own Mel Valentin. starting with Universal delivering the great Tremorson Nov. 9. (Not that the judges on VH-1 were the biggest fans as Ron Underwood's daughter was the first finalist bounced from Scream Queens this season.) Maybe the Highlander films were more to their liking as both Russell Mulcahy's original with the great Queen soundtrack and its hysterically derided sequel, The Quickening, arrive from Lions Gate on Nov. 2. The original features Mulcahy's director's cut. Speaking of which, the "Director's Definitive Cut" of Michael Mann's The Last of the Mohicans comes to Blu-ray a month earlier on Oct. 5, now clocking in at 114 mins.

Finally, for those of you looking to double down on their Blu-ray purchases and take up only half the space on their shelves, Sony is releasing a number of double-feature packages on Oct. 5. They include: 30 Days of Night & Prom Night, Across the Universe & The Other Boleyn Girl, Are We Done Yet & Daddy Day Camp, Bram Stoker's Dracula & Wolf, Catch & Release & It Could Happen to You, Donnie Brasco & Arlington Road, First Sunday & Little Man, Groundhog Day & So I Married an Axe Murderer, The Grudge & Silent Hill, Hancock & Ghost Rider, Hitch & Jerry Maguire, In the of Line Fire & The Devil's Own, La Femme Nikita & Run Lola Run, Made of Honor & The Jane Austen Book Club, Premonition & Untraceable, and Surf's Up & The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep.

As always for further planning, just click on the following links for a full schedule of DVD and Blu-ray releases.
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