Josh Brolin terrifies me. It may be his scowl, it may be his gruff, take-no-prisoners demeanor, it may be that the one time I met him was immediately following a screening of Milk, or it may be the fact that he's utterly terrifying. I mean, if I ever have the opportunity to chat with him again, my only hope of remaining calm is to endlessly repeat the mantra "He was in Jonah Hex and you were not" over and over until I'm no longer too intimidated to speak. What I mean to say is that I never would have thought this glowering hulk of a man to be an ideal vessel for the whimsical neologisms of Diablo Cody, but Showbiz 411 reports that Mr. Diane Lane himself is perhaps slated to star in Young Adult, Cody's next collaboration with Juno director Jason Reitman.

Brolin would join Charlize Theron (who proved her versatility not in Monster so much as in Arrested Development), who is starring as a divorced writer (natch) who returns to her middle American Cameron Crowe-ian homeland in order to regroup. Presumably about 19 minutes into the film she encounters her former paramour - now married with children - thus presumably inciting a sexually flustered mid-life crisis that I imagine ends in a way which bucks the obvious, if only because Reitman would never allow himself to make a film so easily perceived as ordinary.
Despite the fact that he stalks the landscapes of my nightmares with an insatiable thirst to emasculate me to death, Brolin is something of an admirable figure. He's risen above the likes of Hollow Man and Into the Blue by leveraging his fearlessly cold performance in No Country for Old Men into a career as a wounded chameleon of sorts, playing tortured souls of wildly different types for directors as disparate as Woody Allen, Oliver Stone, and the Coen brothers, all of whom seem eager to re-hire him. Given the colder tone of his most recent performances, I think a convincing turn as a warm family man of sorts for a filmmaker as emotionally perspicuous as Reitman could be the softening turn Brolin needs to kick-start the parade of Oscars that's eventually coming his way. At the very least, we'll get to hear Brolin grind lines like "The whole country got a huge tragedy boner for Devil's Kettle" through his teeth.

Do you approve of how Brolin is capitalizing on his image, or would you sooner like to see him give the action star / superhero thing another shot?

P.S. look at this photo of His Royal Biebs, and then run your eyes over this article, again. And then inevitably conclude (either aloud or to yourself, but preferably aloud) that Reitman should probably give me free reign to cast the rest of this movie.

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